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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Thank you for choosing Blankedge Private Limited. As a premium graphics provider operating on a monthly subscription basis, our commitment to ensuring a seamless delivery experience for our customers is unwavering. Below are the details of our shipping and delivery policy:

Digital Product Delivery:

Since we offer digital graphics, there is no physical shipping involved. Upon successful subscription or purchase, our graphics are delivered electronically to your registered email address or can be accessed through your account on our website.

Delivery Methods:

  1. Direct Email Delivery: Graphics will be sent to your registered email address as downloadable links or attachments.

Associated Costs:

There are no additional costs associated with the delivery of our digital graphics. All you need is a stable internet connection to download the graphics.

Estimated Delivery Times:

  1. Instant Access: Once your subscription is confirmed, you will get immediate access to the graphics of the month.

Factors Affecting Delivery:

  1. Email Delays: Sometimes, emails might end up in the spam or promotions folder. If you don’t receive our email, please check these folders.

  2. Technical Glitches: While we strive for perfection, unforeseen technical issues might delay the delivery occasionally. In such cases, we’ll notify you and work diligently to resolve the issue.

Order Tracking:

Since our products are digitally delivered, there's no traditional tracking like with physical products. However, you can:

  1. Email Confirmation: Once the graphics are sent to your email, you'll receive a confirmation email.

Relevant Instructions:

  1. Ensure that your registered email address with us is active and frequently checked.

  2. For best download experience, use a stable and high-speed internet connection.

  3. If you face any issues accessing or downloading the graphics, please reach out to our customer support at [support email address] or through the 'Help' section on our website.

Thank you for your trust and partnership. We're committed to delivering high-quality graphics promptly and efficiently.

Note: Blankedge Private Limted reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Please review it periodically.

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